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Is Photography calling you?

I'd be honored to guide you.  

First, I recommend knowing your camera. At least a little.  Understand the technical functions. 

Know and respect your tools of the trade.  

When I first started my photography journey, I did not know my settings at ALL.  I actually shot all my images in jpeg, in automatic mode on a beginner DSLR.  But that's the first part really... having a love for a craft, then learning and understanding the different tools and methods you will use to create the art; and further the studies in your craft.

Here's the thing.  I don't care what any master of their craft will say; you will ALWAYS be learning.  If there is ever a time where a person may feel there is nothing left to learn, then it's likely they lost the spark to keep them going on their journey.

As a creative, it is important to expand your mind and always be open to trying new things.  You never know what you might learn, and learning is a pretty cool ride.

Mentorship Package $925

Includes travel anywhere within 30 km of Edmonton to one hour west of
3 In person training sessions total (one on one, 1 hr each)
     -  Introduction to Professional photography with          Q&A, get to know one another
     -  One photoshoot session with real model(s)
     -  2 hours of follow up (phone / email only)
     -  Business management & marketing
     -  How to efficiently advertise

*Looking for something less interactive?  Reach out and we can customize a quick mentoring session for you. 


Mentorship, hourly $400

One hour, over the phone or zoom... or
One In person training sessions (one on one, 1 hr)
     -  Introduction to Professional photography with          Q&A, get to know one another
     -  Business management & marketing. 
     -  Learn to advertise efficiently
     -  Learn how to elevate your photography game
 $400 for the first hour, $200 each additional               hour during consecutive training sessions.


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