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Well hello there!  It's so nice to meet you!

Over the past 12 years, I have had the incredible privilege photographing over hundreds of weddings and photo shoots.  As well... capturing families, editorial, families and life as it presents itself. 

I count my blessings every day to be fortunate enough to have an incredible loving husband and family, that encourages and supports my dream.  My husband and my furbabies are my life. 

Being able to wake up every day living my dream, with them by my side... I am very grateful.

heli photo_edited.jpg

When I'm not nose deep into hours of editing... my hubby and I can be found exploring and on road trips.  It's adventure time from hiking in the wild and looking for old structures or buildings to forest bathing.  You might spot us hiking in the back country of Alberta, or morning beach walks on the wild west coast of Van Island, almost always with our incredibly loving two crazy collies.  Wherever we end up, we must seek out conscious eatery, a delicious cup of coffee, or a good ol' random cafe. 

When working with clients I believe in transparency as without it how can anyone trust you.  If you have questions, I am here for you.  Photoshoots, from Weddings to Family, are an experience.  Not just a photograph.  It is my mission to provide you with the best experience possible.  

I am an artist that believes in the art of capturing the emotion and story from your most magical memories, and placing it the eyes and hands of the beholder...

... and it would be my honor, to work with you.

Tofino, BC

Photo taken in Tofino, British Columbia  CANADA

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