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If you've never had a photoshoot before, working with a photographer can be an intimidating experience.  Or perhaps you've had many shoots under your belt!  Either way, it's important to know who you are working with.  Even more important to have that solid, positive vibe with.  I'm Danielle Boone, and here's a little about me.


Have you ever seen photos and thought... that looks like a scene from a movie?  That's pretty much me.  When I'm shooting, I see a frame being created - it all unfolds in this beautiful, visual masterpiece and I cannot get enough.  I'm a hopeless romantic, when I'm not working; I'm day dreaming my next adventure.


While we work together, I see opportunities with an open mind that I feel, could create art with you and your loved ones in each image.  We will have an adventure together, and a phenomenal time in the process.  I'll guide you through prompts and poses; while also bringing out those precious, candid moments.  These documented experiences are very important to me to deliver, to you. 


My style is an eclectic blend of documentary, fine art, and editorial.  Through 12 years of Wedding and Lifestyle Photography I've been fortunate to have gathered a wealth of knowledge and experience, though exposure to diverse and unique opportunities.  I've developed a unique editing approach that combines creativity with a touch of timeless and subtle vintage elegance.  Every shot is infused with passion and dedication.  Photography is art, and art is subject to personal taste.  It's very important to me, that you don't just like but LOVE what you see.

I am a fine art, documentary freelance photographer, and I would be honored to work with you.  Let's create some art together.

Tofino, BC

Photo taken in Tofino, British Columbia  CANADA

In my spare time I am a huge dog lover, a hobby sheep farmer with my forever partner, studying self sustainable living.  When we aren't working our careers or out on the land; we travel.  Time can really get away from us; so in between, we try to spend every moment with each other.  Being a hopeless romantic has massively contributed to my career.  Every day I am beyond grateful and humbled to be able to share this journey with my person.  This is just one of many reasons why photography is so important to me.  For an instant... Time and memories stand still.

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